How To Hide Favicons In The Bookmarks Toolbar on Firefox 4 Mac

Posted on April 5th, 2011

Go to /Users/[your username]/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/[*].default/chrome

Rename file userChrome-example.css to userChrome.css
Open it with text editor and copy and paste the following code after the line which starts with “@namespace”:

/* Hide Bookmark Folder Icon */
.bookmark-item[type="menu"] > .toolbarbutton-icon {
display: none !important;

/* Remove Bookmark Item Icons */
#personal-bookmarks toolbarbutton:not([type=menu]) image {
display: none !important;
-moz-margin-end: 0px !important;

Save it, restart Frirefox, all finsished.

Instructions slightly modified from the Firefox support forum

Sending Email With Postfix And MAMP Pro

Posted on August 28th, 2010

MAMP Pro makes it very easy to set up a PHP development environment. It even makes configuring your Postfix mail server configured most of the way. If you are using Postfix as a smart host to send mail through your ISP or your business mail server and your mac username (shortname) is not the same as the username part of your email address then you have to set up the correct sender address in your Postfix configuration. Here is how you do it.

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Favorite Vim Tips

Posted on July 30th, 2010

Quickly Indent Blocks Of Code

Vi Gang Sign

  1. Make sure you have :set cindent
  2. Put your cursor on an opening { or closing }
  3. Press =%
  4. All the code in the block is nicely indented

Searching Through Projects With vimgrep

Search through all the PHP files in a project.
1. Make sure you are at the root of your project in vim (type :pwd to see) if you are in the wrong dir then type :cd /path/to/project
2. :vimgrep pattern **/*.php


Find the pattern “findMe” and don’t jump to the first match. Use the j flag to prevent jumping to the first match

:vimgrep /findMe/j **/*.php

Find the pattern “findMe” but match on case as well (case-sensitive)

:vimgrep findMe\C **/*.php

Find the pattern “findMe” without regard to case (case-insensitive)

:vimgrep findMe\c **/*.php

Organize With Pathogen

This is the best plugin ever for keeping your other vim plugins neat and
organized. Gone are the days of shotgunning doc and plugin files in multiple
directories. Now a plugin and all its related files can stay together.
Go here to get pathogen from

Exclude Individual Pages From WordPress Searches

Posted on July 21st, 2010

There is plenty of information on how to exclude certain categories from WordPress Searches but it is very hard to find anything on how to exclude individual posts or pages from the search results. All you need to do is add a search filter to your functions.php file in your WordPress theme that looks like this:

function searchFilter($query) {
  if ($query->is_search) {
    $query->set('post__not_in', array(13,14,15));
  return $query;

Just change 13,14,15 to whatever page (or post) ids you would like to exclude from the search. Do not put the numbers in quotes.

How To Fix The Warning: This Page Contains Both Secure and Non-Secure Items

Posted on May 6th, 2010

You installed an SSL certificate and you keep getting that pesky warning about how some of the content on the page is not secure or unauthenticated.  Here’s what you do to find the offending content.

  1. Visit the page in your web browser
  2. View the source code for the page
  3. Search the source code for src

Click through all the instances of src and look for items that are sourced through http:// rather than https://. Look at all your images, javascripts, stylesheets, etc. They all need to be pulled through https:// in order for your page to be totally secure and for that warning to go away. Internet Explorer is particularly finicky about this message so be sure to check your site in IE to make sure you don’t get this message: ‘This Page Contains Both Secure and Non-Secure Items‘ The FireFox message that means the same thing is ‘Warning: Contains Unauthenticated Content‘ this is the same problem. Just make sure your page is pulling all it’s resources through https:// and that is how you fix the error about ‘secure and non-secure’ items on your SSL pages.

How To Stop A Cold Almost Instantly – Naturally

Posted on March 10th, 2010

If you think you are about to get sick, like you feel you throat starting to itch and congestion is coming and you think it’s the first sign of a cold follow these steps and you will most likely avoid getting sick. You will probably feel dramatic improvement in less than 24 hours and will most likely be totally back in action in 48 hours. Of course, I am not a doctor and don’t do anything dumb. This is just a suggestion from a father with 4 kids. Use this advice at your own risk blah, blah, disclaimer disclaimer, etc.

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Git Archive Like SVN Export But Better

Posted on March 5th, 2010

If you are switching from Subversion to Git and want to know the best way to export your code similar to svn export then here is a great command to know about.

git archive -o ~/Desktop/ HEAD

That will extract your most recent stuff in your current branch, zip it up, and drop it on your desktop. We do a lot of WordPress plugin development and with this single command we can get our plugin code ready for installation extremely quickly. Here is more information about git archive.

WordPress Custom Query To Select Posts From A Category

Posted on February 26th, 2010

A friend asked how he could pull the three most recent WordPress posts from a particular category on a non-WordPress site. He has the ability to connect to the WordPress database. So here is the code you need to pull this off.

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Setup Subversion with cPanel and Apache

Posted on January 21st, 2010

This is a  summary of how to set up a new svn repository that you can access through apache when your server is configured with cPanel. This is not a tutorial on installing cPanel and Subversion.  The assumption is that you already have subversion installed on your cPanel managed server.

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Stay Away From Rackspace Cloudsites

Posted on December 31st, 2009

I have worked with several dedicated servers at Rackspace and the experience was a joy. The servers perform very well and the Rackspace managed support was great. So when I learned of Cloudsites which appeared to bundle the great support I had grown to love with a package that seemed great for hosting our sites that didn’t require their own dedicated server I was very excited. Unfortunately, it turns out the Rackspace Cloudsites is unstable, unreliable, and slow. The support is still good, at least in terms of being available, but all they can say is “I’m sorry all your sites are down.”

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